Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Veggie Cheap Eat: Ten Tables

Restaurant week maybe over, but there are still plenty of places to get a delicious 3,4 and 5 course meal.  Ten Tables, located in Centre Street in Jamaica Plain, serves new age American food in a cozy romantic setting. There is also a new location in Harvard Square that has opened in the past month.

I was very excited that I finally made it to to Ten Tables. With a four  courses for only $28, Ten Tables offers the most affordable vegetarian tasting menu in the Boston area.

My first course was a creamy roasted garlic soup that was outstanding. The soup was rich and creamy and evoked flavors of roasted garlic. It was so delicious that I could have licked the bowl clean.

The second course was a Greek salad dressed in a lemon balsamic dressing. The feta in the salad was fresh and soft, contributing to the creamy texture of the salad. The lemon balsamic was light and was a nice change from the standard Greek dressing ( which sometimes contains anchovies).

The third course, the main dish was a cavatelli pasta dish with roasted pine nuts and vegetables. The pasta tasted fresh and homemade and different than the usual spaghetti or penne.

The fourth course, the dessert, consisted of puffed pastries stuffed with banana ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. The dessert was not too heavy but enough to satisfy a sweet tooth like mine.

Overall I enjoyed my experience at Ten Tables and I look forward to my next visit. The food was splendid and quite affordable. My dining companion ordered the regular tasting menu for $40 but in hindsight would have gone with the vegetarian tasting menu.

Since there is only 10 tables in the Jamaica Plain location, it can be tough to get a reservation. I enjoyed my time at Ten Tables and look forward to my next visit.

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