Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bella Luna Bloggers Lounge

On Tuesday night I was invited to my first ever bloggers event at Bella Luna Restaurant in Jamaica Plain. The premise of the event was to introduce Bella Luna’s new chef Jacob Zachow to the blogger community in and around Boston. Apart from the great time at the event, it was nice putting faces to the blogs I usually visit. I had the opportunity to meet the authors of Cave Cibum, Enough Cowbell, and BostonFab. The restaurant is cute and hip inside, a bit small, but there is a beautiful garden patio behind the restaurant. We did not get a chance to head to the Milky Way bowling alley downstairs but I enjoy candlepin bowling and will have to check it out at a later date.

The food at Bella Luna was delicious and they had a couple of good vegetarian dishes worth trying. First off, The Portobello Black Bean burger was yummy and I definatley found my self reaching for seconds. The second vegetarian item was the flat bread pizza with artichokes and feta. It was nice light pizza with medditeranean flavors. I could not get enough of the minature key lime pies.

I had a great time and this event and I look forward to going back in the near future!

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Pam said...

It was great meeting you too! Such a good time!

Vegetable Lover said...

I know I really had a blast! It was great meeting you and all the other bloggers.

Scott said...

Enjoyed your post!

Just a small correction. The chef's name is Jacob Zachow (not Jacob Chow).

take care.