Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blue Room

Restaurant week runs from August 10th-15th and August 17th to August 22nd. There are over 150 restaurants that participate in restaurant week and a three course dinner is $33.08 and a three course lunch is $20.08. I have tried restaurant week in the past and I have generally had to call the restaurant in advance and ask them to prepare a vegetarian dish. This time I browsed through all the menus, most of them did not have a vegetarian offering but I took a look at Blue Room's menu and they had one vegetarian entree ( that did not consist of pasta) so I decided to check it out.

The ambiance of Blue Room is cozy,rustic and has a nice outdoor patio that is great in the summer time. We tried to get a spot outside but there was a bit of a wait and we were trying to catch a movie. Instead we were seated at a secluded table for two which is good alternative depending on what you're looking for out of the experience. Service was great overall , friendly and prompt. Our server even worked with us to rush our food so we could make it on time for the movie.

The food at Blue Room from a vegetarian's perspective was okay but I will have to say my friend who is a carnivore really enjoyed his meal. For an appetizer I ordered the Chilled Watermelon & English Cucumber Soup. The soup was sweet and refreshing due to the watermelon base with fresh cucumbers in it. For an entree I ordered the Roasted Bay End Farm Eggplant with cous cous, yogurt and chickpeas. The dish was healthy and light but I had to ask my server for more yogurt because it was too dry. For dessert I had the Espresso Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce. It tasted like an eclair with espresso ice cream in the middle. It was average, nothing to blog home about.

Overall I thought the food at Blue Room was okay and with so many restaurants to try I am not sure if I would be back for dinner but I have heard great things about their brunch. From a nonvegetarian perspective, my fiance seemed to enjoy his meal.

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Kid Bruno said...

You should check out TW Food or Upstairs on the Square for restaurant week. TW Food is amazing and probably some of the best vegetarian food in the greater Boston area.

Vegetable Lover said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I will have to check those places out. Thanks for your comments, its good to know people are reading the blog:-)