Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jam’N Java

It can be difficult to find a good vegetarian soup that is truly vegetarian. Soups at restaurants always seem to be made in a chicken or beef broth which can be truly frustrating for vegetarian soup lovers like me.

I was pleasantly surprised, that while walking through Arlington Center, I stumbled upon Jam’N Java. With a name like Jam’n Java one would think it was just a coffee shop but they have a good size menu with soups, sandwiches, salads and desserts. 

For about $7 I had their vegetable soup with a half hummus vegetable sandwich, both dishes were completely vegan. I really enjoyed their vegetable soup, it was a a nice light, thin, tomato based soup made with green beans, mushrooms and zucchini. The half hummus sandwich was  served on a wheat bread, with carrots, spinach, onions, and tomatoes. It was pretty standard but complimented the sandwich well. 

There is a free wireless access and plenty of indoor seating as well as a few tables outside.

Jam’N’ Java is a nice place for a light healthy lunch, although there was only one vegetable soup, it was good enough for me .

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