Saturday, June 28, 2008


379 Hanover St
Boston, MA 02113
(617) 523-8481
Cuisine: Italian
Vegetarian Options: Vegetarian Selective
Price: $15 - $35
Total Carrots:

My friends and I decided to head out to the North End for dinner. We did not have any reservations but we wanted a good and inexpensive meal. We passed by Strega and it seemed cheaper price-wise (for the vegetarian dishes) than the surrounding restaurants and had a few vegetarian options so we decided to check it out. I’d noticed Strega advertises a lot (good restaurants are usually recommended by word of mouth) and because of this I have always been a bit skeptical about the quality of food at this establishment but to my surprise we actually had a decent meal and a fun time.

The ambiance of Strega is fun, lively, colorful and maybe even a bit flashy. The restaurant is loud so if you are looking for a quiet romantic evening than this might not be the place for you. The place is small and the tables are fairly close together but you just can’t help but smile at the singers who come to your table and try to serenade you. I thought the live music was a nice touch and I have not been to many restaurants in the area that offer this.

The service was okay, it was prompt, but when we asked the waiter a few questions about vegetarian options, he did not seem to understand us.

I ordered the Casarecci Di Marina (15.95), a baked pasta dish with sun dried tomatoes, eggplant and fresh mozzarella in a light tomato sauce. The dish was good but very simple and the only thing wrong with it was the cheese. It was a bit hard and instead of being baked in the dish it was placed on the side. The pasta however tasted fresh and the sauce was sweet and flavorful.

Overall Strega is a good choice if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive meal in the North End and want a festive and fun dining experience. The food here is good, not excellent, but the live music adds to the ambiance.

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djMaxM said...

Hi, I'm starting a new kind of local guide at Basically it's a full wiki combined with an advanced search mechanism (you can write your own search engines such as "where can I park for less than $15 for 2 hours in the South End?"). Also, our site is Creative Commons. Anyhow, I wondered if we could use some of your review in our description of the restaurant?

Maybe someday we'll be deep enough for you to link to us as canonical instead of urban spoon. :)

Vegetable Lover said...

Thanks so much for asking. That should not be a problem. Sounds like a great idea. Best of luck with the website!