Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gingerbread Construction Company

Gingerbread Construction Company
52 Main St
Wakefield, MA

This morning I was strolling around Lake Quannapowitt, and I stopped at the Gingerbread Construction Company to have their signature muffin, the Gingerbread($1.85) . This is one of their most popular muffins and it is filled with a cream cheese icing in the middle. One bite of this muffin and you can taste it’s cinnamon sweetness. The only problem with these muffins is that once you have one, you will keep going back for more (trust me I know)! There are over 20 different types of muffins and they also carry gingerbread houses, cookies, muffin loaves, and coffee.

The actual store only has a couple of tables, but there are many benches along Lake Quannapowitt making it a perfect picnic spot during the summertime. There is also another location in Winchester MA.

Service is friendly but they do not carry calorie information, not that I really want to know :-).

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MewlKitten said...

I know this is a very old post, but it bugs me that they don't carry calorie information for their muffins. I have calculated, and I also wrote to the company and I have figured out that the lemon poppy muffin is over 600 calories. So considering that, I would say most of their muffins are 600 calories or more. Even splitting one with a friend would still put you over 300 calories. Ugh, That's way too much, and not really worth it. I rather eat a whole meal for 450 calories then eat a muffin for more then 600.

Sangita said...

Hi MewlKitten,

Thanks for your message. I completely agree with you, it is too many calories! They are very tasty but only for an occasional treat. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Lucas Nevada said...

Wish there'd be a branch of that gingerbdread contruction company in my place too >.<