Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Filled with beans, salsa and veggies, burritos make for a great inexpensive vegetarian meal. Strolling around Davis Square, I was in search of a quick snack to tie me over before dinner. I decided to check out Chipotle in Davis Square for a bite. To my surprise, for a chain restaurant Chipotle was actually quite tasty. As a vegetarian, the nice thing about getting a burrito at a chain restaurant is that you know for sure if the rice and beans are vegetarian. Since I was looking for a snack, I ordered a soft taco for ($2) for a quick bite. Although Chipotle may not be authentic, I love their salsa choices and the sautéed vegetables were filled with flavor. The cheese was freshly shredded unlike the cheese slices other burrito places use. In my soft taco, I had the the corn salsa, (medium spice) and the fresh salsa, (mild spice), the combination of the two is delicious. The rice is vegetarian, made with cilantro and lime. Similar to most places, they offer black or pinto beans. The service at the Chipotle in Davis Square was friendly and they have an outdoor patio which is nice during the summertime. The fillings were overflowing in the soft taco, so if you are looking to roll up your soft taco than ask for less toppings, but I always say the more veggies, the better. Definitely a good place for a cheap veggie bite.

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