Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ufood Grill

The other night I went to the Red Sox game leaving a little hungry. I love Fenway Park but other than greasy pizza and popcorn there are not too many vegetarian friendly options. I was in the mood for a real meal. I was heading towards my car when I stumbled upon a place called the Ufood Grill on Brookline Ave in Boston. Formerly KnowFAT, this place changed to Ufood Grill a few weeks ago. The bright colors at Ufood Grill give this place a happy feel. I loved the fact that they have free Wi Fi which is great for anyone looking to have a bite and get online. The menu is quite interesting and there are many vegetarian options ranging from soups, salads and rice bowls. Their food is fresh and healthy as their menu mentions that they steam and grill but never fry there food.

I ordered their “tofusion”, a dish made with organic tofu, steamed veggies topped with a sweet spicy ginger soy sauce. This dish maybe healthy but I missed the taste of stir fried veggies being cooked in the sauce with the rice. This dish tasted like steamed veggies on top of brown rice with a sweet and spicy sauce on the top. It was something I could easily make at home in a few a minutes. I prefer my veggies being sautéed rather than steamed.

For dessert I had the original tart soft serve frozen yogurt. The first few bites, as the name suggests, tasted quite tart. The server said that it was made with plain yogurt; hence it was not the usual sweet vanilla frozen yogurt that I was used to. However the more bites I had, the better it tasted. This dessert is an acquired taste and is a healthy option to traditional frozen yogurt. The menu states that the yogurt has live active cultures and there is only 90 calories in a 4oz serving. Although I prefer vanilla frozen yogurt I could see myself getting used to this healthy treat.

The service at Ufood Grill was very friendly and they are more than willing to explain any of the dishes to you. I do not think I would order the “tofusion” again but I may try their other vegetarian options such as the Hearty Three Bean Chili. Ufood Grill is a healthy alternative to traditional fast food but I think I like stir fries too much to be a regular here

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