Monday, September 22, 2008


Hmmm a warm crepe filled with nutella, bananas and toasted walnuts, what more could one ask for? I was strolling around Davis Square looking for a quick snack that was not too expensive and decided to go to Mr. Crepe for a bite. I love their savory crepes as they have quite a few vegetarian crepes to choose from. They have a great cheese selection and their crepes, unlike the crepes from other places, are not overflowing with cheese. Today I was in the mood for something sweet and I ordered a dessert crepe with nutella, bananas and toasted walnuts ($6). The crepe was large and crispy but too thick and chewy for what I was expecting in a dessert crepe. The fillings were delicious, you really can’t go wrong with nutella and bananas and the toasted walnuts were a nice touch.

The service is hit or miss, depending on the day or time. On weekends, during brunch, the place is very busy and you may need to wait for a table as service can be a bit slow. When you first walk inside, it is a bit confusing as you have to order your crepe at the register and then they bring the crepe out to you. The place can be a bit loud so if you are looking for a quiet meal than this may not be the place for you. The prices are average for vegetarian crepes but a bit pricey for crepes with meat. The ambiance is hip and casual and in the warm months, the outdoor seating is nice with a view of Davis Square.

Overall I like Mr. Crepe because they offer a wide range of vegetarian crepes and I like the view overlooking Davis Square. The sweet crepes are standard but make for a nice dessert.

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