Sunday, March 2, 2008


Helmand, Cambridge MA, 143 First Street, Cambridge MA
Cuisine: Afghan
Vegetarian Options: Vegetarian Friendly
Price: $13

Total Score:
This is one my favorite restaurants where the food is as amazing as the price! If you are in the mood for Indian but want something unique and not so creamy, than try this Afghan restaurant. The d├ęcor is warm and elegant it carries an array of vegetarian selections with entrees averaging around $13. The best vegetarian dish I have had here was the Showla, which is a poblano pepper stuffed with spinach and cheese and topped with tomato sauce. The dish comes with moong beans that are flavored and baked with a variety of different seasonings. The Aush vegetable soup is truly a delight. I have tried all of the vegetarian appetizers and they are all wonderful except I thought the Kaddo was a little sweet but very unique. The only problem with this restaurant is that once you leave you will keep craving for more! This restaurant is definitely a favorite of mine that I keep going back too with plenty of vegetarian options to choose from.

Helmand in Cambridge


Anonymous said...

I've ordered vegetarian dishes here twice and found meat in them both times! One time I can forgive, but TWICE? I warn all vegetarians away from Helmand.

Vegetable Lover said...

Thanks for sharing. I have been to Helmand several times and this has never happened. But thanks for letting us know.

Tiffany said...

I loved this place! I went with a non-veggie and they were equally impressed. Will definitely be back!