Sunday, March 2, 2008

San Francisco Kitchen

San Francisco Kitchen, 133 Main Street, Nashua NH
Cuisine: Asian
Vegetarian Options: Vegetarian Friendly
Price: $12-$18

Total Carrots:

This is one of my favorite restaurants and the prices are around $12-$18 per entree. This is an Asian Fusion place, not your typical Chinese restaurant, and the food is delicious and healthy. My favorite dish there is Buddha’s Delicacy. It is a tad spicy and is made in a red pepper sauce and I always ask them to add some tofu for some protein. Another good option is the Stir Fried Tofu with seven color vegetables and it’s a nice light dish that is on the sweeter side. If you like curry, another option is to get the grilled chicken breast curry dish without the chicken and just add tofu. This is a great option if you are in the mood for something creamier and a little spicy.
All of the dishes come with an Asian salad, sourdough bread and white, brown or vegetable stir fried rice. The Asian salad is made with baby corn and water chestnuts in a ginger soy dressing that is very good. If your thirsty try their homemade lychee ginger ale, it’s nice and sweet and very refreshing. A great dessert they have there is made with bananas and ice-cream and is very good. They also have an excellent lunch buffet (Monday- Friday) that has an amazing selection of vegetarian choices, including unlimited vegetarian sushi!

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