Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Wagamama Quincy Market Building, Boston MA
Cuisine: Japanese
Vegetarian Options: Vegetarian Friendly
Price: $10

Total Carrots:

This London based branch now has two locations in Massachusetts, one in Fanuel Hall in Boston, and the other in Harvard Square in Cambridge. The two locations are similar but I prefer the Cambridge location for its beautiful view overlooking Harvard Square. I enjoy Wagamama for its inexpensive good food and its array of tasty vegetarian options. The atmosphere is modern, yet casual and I thought the ledge under the table for your pocketbooks and other belongings was a nice touch. Green tea is complimentary with the meal but is only available upon request. Wagamama offers wonderful fresh juices and I recommend ordering their Fruit Juice for a refreshing treat. The Ysai Goyza, their version of vegetable dumplings, I felt was pretty standard. However, I enjoyed their Miso Soup with pickles on the side.

There are six different vegetarian entrees, my favorite being the Yasi Yaki Soba, a whole wheat vegetable noodle dish made with a touch of vinegar. I have tried the Moyoshi Soba, a vegetarian noodle soup dish ( a hard find in the Boston area) and thought it could have been more flavorful but perfect for a cold winter night. I wasn't too impressed with the Yasi Chili Men, a whole wheat noodle dish cooked in a spicy sauce. I felt this dish was too heavy and the sauce didn't blend well with the noodles. I also tried their Chocolate Fudge Cake which was okay but I was happy to see they offered a wide range of dessert options.

Service can be a little slow depending on the night. Overall Wagamama serves good food for the price and the ambiance makes for a fun dining experience.

Wagamama in Boston


Anonymous said...

If you do not eat Bonito (fish flakes) please be aware that the Miso Soup at Wagamama (last time I asked at the Harvard Square location that is) has Bonito in it. The menu is a little deceptive b/c it calls the miso vegetarian...

Sangita said...

Thanks so much for your comment! That is good to know. I have recently found that out that many places with Miso are made with fish flakes. Do you know any good places with real vegetarian Miso?

Anonymous said...

You can get real, 3-year-aged miso directly from a small MA company, South River Miso. The dandelion-leek is my favorite, but they're all good. Some flavors are available at Whole Foods. South River doesn't ship during the hot summer months. Fabulous website & really nice people: